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"Mother Veldkamp" roasted almonds.
Attention! They are simply irresistible

We know this smell at the DOM or fair (fair), but the thought of these familiar smells catapults us back to our childhood.
'My mouth is watering, just thinking about it'
Since the middle of the 19th century, visitors have always enjoyed tasting home-made sweets, the Veldkamp family.
The idea for these special Hamburg gold almonds was also created on the Heiligengeistfeld:
We honor the descendants of Anna Wilhelmine Catharina Veldkamp, ​​our dear "Mother Veldkamp".
A woman with gold in the heart.
Over 100 years of experience in the production of sugar confectionery is the most important ingredient for our crispy Hamburg almonds.
The fresh almonds are made according to an old family recipe passed on from generation to generation with little sugar.
To commemorate "Mother Veldkamp", we wave the almonds in 22-carat gold leaf.
This is how a cathedral specialty turns into a very special luxury treat.
Buying burnt almonds - with us toppings or in the glass?
In our shop you have different ways to buy roasted almonds.
Either in toppings (sustainable packaging made of 100% paper) or in a glass.

Why not almonds from California?
As a special innovation, we use only Spanish organic Largueta almond known for their more intense flavor with organic raw cane sugar for our roasted specialties.
Largueta almonds are a very high-quality variety with an intense aroma that is cultivated in Spain.
The almonds have a flat shape, are darker and have a velvety surface.
Is "Mother Veldkamp" also vegan?
Our nut varieties are suitable for the vegan diet, as they contain many nutrients and are produced without preservatives, flavors and animal products.
How do burnt almonds stay fresh and crunchy?
We are often asked how our roasted almonds are best left fresh and crunchy.
It is important that the opened packs of roasted almonds are sealed airtight.
By the way, our roasted almonds in the glass are hermetically closed by the glass, which you do not need to transfer.
Attention! The roasted almonds of "Mother Veldkamp" are delicious. They are simply irresistible! Promised.




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