Gold and Soul

Gold helps to cure. The element Gold (Aurum) is considered to be one of the oldest drugs used for the health of people. Paracelsus and the Saint Hildegard recommended gold for healing.

Samuel Hahnemann introduced it 200 years ago as an important starting material in the manufacturing of homeopathic medicinal products: "Gold has large, irreplaceable medicinal powers!" How does gold work? Due to its drawing to the sun, therefore to the light, and to the heart, gold plays a special role in anthroposophical medicine. Increased Gold strengthens the functions of the rhythmical system.

The precious metal is the densest of the metals used medically, it is almost twice as heavy as lead. Gold is also the most stretchable metal. An ounce of gold can be drawn into a two kilometer long thread without tearing. Density and size, concentration and expansion are united in gold.

Similarly as in the heart: the blood is congested in the chambers and then added to the branched vessel system of the body with 100 million meters in blood vessels. So there is a similarity that exploits the anthroposophical medicine specifically between gold and the circulatory system. Gold found in combination with other substances is used by circulatory regulation disorders and nervous exhaustion.

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Gold Leaf

Gold supports and harmonizes the entire energy system.
Colloidal gold is at the present time one of the most important aids to boost our spiritual and mental development and strengthen and to balance our energy system. Gold works on all vibrational levels and supports us adequately and smoothly in all development steps.

You notice that your body has to deal with an infection, is under strong, energetic stress or you are struggling with inner fears - and immediately the skin turns black under your gold rings or gold chains?

What can colloidal gold do?

For us people who work spiritually and high-minded and who hold themselves on the highest vibrational levels, Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Diamond Water have proven to be two of the strongest and most wonderful tools that we know of. Our energy body is located by the profound work in us and through us in a constant state of flux, and dismantling and in a permanent restructuring. Our structures become finer and finer, they let go of old stores and gain added new - and also have to adapt to the constant vibration increase our earth. Our relationship structures are changing and increasingly we solve our deepest fears from our systems.

All this requires much strength and energy of our energy bodies and we notice more and more that weakens us this constant change and a lot of power costs. Many of us feel powerless and "worn out" because we all are not yet fully connected to the high vibrational levels. Colloidal gold is now our energy body here its very high and fine vibration is available (as a great "extra battery") from which he can draw and recharge.

Gold has the vibration of the sunlight and light dissolves all darkness. When we work on us and on our blockages, we solve this with light- and that's where the support of the colloidal gold begins. It takes its effect on the "levels close to the body' and very potentiated itself higher and higher through our energy system.

It was asserted that through the regular use of the finest pure gold (also called "edible gold"), not only are the structures strengthened and the internal stability returns, but also our inner child and inner images start slowly to change by themselves.

Gold activates and increases the inner and outer perception.

Do you know that too?

It is in these situations that your body needs urgently gold, which it desperately draws through your jewellery through your skin. What remain hereby as black deposits on the skin are the impure gold shares of the jewellery.