Product test by Instagram blogger ladysvu

Product test by Instagram blogger ladysvu
MutterVeldkamp Hamburger Goldmandeln Producttest by Instagram Bloggerin ladysvu

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I received a package from Hamburger Goldmandeln and

Many thanks for that! I think now is the right time for almonds!

At MutterVeldkamp Hamburger Goldmandeln there are fine roasted almonds. The aim of the company is to honor the descendants of Anna Wilhelmine Catharina Veldkamp, our dear “Mother Veldkamp”, as she is known. They convince by 100 years of experience in the production of sugar confectionery. Fresh almonds are made according to an old family recipe passed on from generation to generation with little sugar. The products are produced in small quantities according to old tradition in copper kettles and therefore not comparable with industrial nuts. Only Spanish organic almonds with organic raw cane sugar are used in the production. Perfect for vegans, as the products contain many nutrients and are made without preservatives, flavors, tartaric acid and animal products.

If you want to know more about the history of the company, have a look over here.

I find the old-style but nevertheless beautifully designed design very appealing. The almonds are made with a little cane sugar and are therefore not too sweet, just perfect! More nut, less sugar.

I have received the following three products:
1.Hamburger Gold almonds

The Hamburg Gold Almonds are made with organic almonds and organic raw cane sugar. The Spanish organic almonds mainly consist of almonds of the Largueta variety. The edible gold leaf completes the almonds perfectly and provides the appropriate name.

You can feel that little sugar is used, but the amount is sufficient. The almonds themselves taste like cinnamon and are very reminiscent of Christmas. Perfect combination, crispy and well coated. Decorated with golden icing on the cake.

The Hamburg gold almonds cost € 10.90.

2.Bio Cashew with black sesame

The organic cashews have a very delicate, buttery aroma.
They provide a slightly creamy and soft taste.

The black sesame makes for a mild, nutty taste.
The black sesame swabs under the glossy surface give the nut burnt with organic raw cane sugar an unmistakable appearance.
Definitely a bit different than normal cashews, but a successful combination.

Contains little sesame oil and is perfect as a souvenir.

The organic cashew with black sesame seeds cost € 5.99 and are thus a bit cheaper than the Hamburg gold mantles.

More information here.

3.Bio almond Mumbai

The hand-twisted organic almonds Mumbai are encased in a very small amount of organic raw cane sugar during firing. Precious spices of the Orient, such as organic ginger and organic cardamom, are to give the organic almond Mumbai a delicate and seductive touch of India.

On the tongue develops a slightly spicy taste, which is not too strong and immediately flies away again. Unfortunately, this variety did not convince me, because in my opinion, the ginger dominates too much, which is not everyone’s taste, but not everyone must like ginger.

Organic Almond Mumbai also cost € 5.99.

More information is available here.

The almonds impressed me with their high quality and successful taste combinations. The sophisticated design of the glasses convinced me, too. The almonds are perfect as a souvenir and also suitable for vegans.

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